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Lakeview Simplified

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Lakeview Simplified


In the latter part of 2014, God put the word restructuring on our hearts, and we were focused on that throughout 2015. We came to realize our structure was too complex and our message too confusing. We were asking people to do too many things. We needed to simplify our expectations—and we did!

Today we ask every member of Lakeview to do just two things—find a friend and find a job. If you’re part of our Lakeview family, ask yourself, “Where am I connected in life-giving relationships, and where am I serving? Who is helping me grow, and who am I helping to grow?”

We live in a world where people are overwhelmed by busyness and inundated with information.

In Edwin Friedman’s book A Failure of Nerve, he shared an astonishing insight about the stressful times we live in. Edwin said that in 200 A.D. all of the written information in the world could today be housed in two small libraries. In the field of medicine there is so much new information emerging that if a doctor read just two new articles a day, at that pace they’d be 800 years behind by year’s end!

What are the implications for the church? The most valuable commodity in the age of information is not more information, it’s authentic community.

Church pollster George Barna says the #1 predictor of spiritual growth and transformation is the quantity of intimate Christian friends. Find a friend and find a job! Love others. Serve others.

We also realized we were asking our people to give to too many things—offerings for the food pantry, the CARE fund, Rise Up, Missions, and Christmas outreach. Now they can give to all those things under one offering simply called ONE MISSION. That is not to say we won’t on occasion take a special offering for an emergency, but our objective is to tie it all together in one unified vision.

Lakeview continues to impact the world HERE, NEAR and FAR. Through Outreach our food pantry, One Gift, and Party in the Park touches our neighborhood. Through the generosity of the Lakeview family, 47 missionaries in the US and world supported financially every month.

It’s my privilege to serve Lakeview Church.




About Ron Bontrager

Lead Pastor of Lakeview Church in Indianapolis.

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