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Missions—the Heart of Lakeview

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Missions—the Heart of Lakeview

Statuses change, visions; adapt to seasons, but missions never change. The mission Jesus gave us remains—to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every person.

The Mission of Lakeview Church is “Connecting to Christ, changing lives, impacting the world… together.”

Right after Maria Woodworth Etter planted this church in May 1918, she wrote an amazing letter to her supporters about why Lakeview was built:

I am very eager for the saints and the dear people everywhere to know why we have built the tabernacle in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Lord appeared before me in the night and brought the building before me. He told me to arise and build a house for the Lord. The message and plan came so forcibly before me that I knew it was the voice of God. I rose the next morning, laid the message and plan before my secretary, and told him that we must proceed at once to make arrangements for the building. In about two month’s time, the building was finished. We have a large, neat, comfortable tabernacle.

Indianapolis is a large, beautiful, centralized city, a city that is easily accessible to the saints in the North, South, East and West. All those traveling across the continent can conveniently stop off here. The Lord has made it plain that this place is prepared to call the saints together FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD and to get a special enduement of power from on high. It is qualified to do the last work and to get the last call, to gather in the hungry souls, to get them sealed with the seal of the living God and ready for the Rapture.

She was a revivalist. She traveled 30 years. She ministered to 15,000 people in Hartford City. She could have done anywhere in the United States.

Lakeview is 98 years old and has the same vision today. Maria saw God was going to bring all nations of the earth to this church and that is exactly what He has done. Evangelicals and protestants have had the idea that missions was something we do out there.  But missions must be in our hearts, done right here in our city.

We must be willing to go right around the corner—and so many from Lakeview do just that!

I can’t help but feel God is bringing to pass the exact vision He gave Maria all those years ago. This place is prepared to call the saints together from all parts of the world, to be endued with power, to do the last work and to gather in hungry souls!

When we join our hearts and resources, we can do great things!

Want more? Listen to Pastor Ron’s message on this topic here.


About Ron Bontrager

Lead Pastor of Lakeview Church in Indianapolis.

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