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A Track to Run On—A Direction to Grow

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A Track to Run On—A Direction to Grow

When people drift through a church, no one benefits. We are so excited today because we are not just launching a new sermon series this morning, we are launching a brand new ministry called The Growth Track. Offered every Sunday night at Lakeview, its purpose is to give every member and new attender a spiritual growth track to run on.

We don’t see the Growth Track as a destination but as a starting point. You won’t walk out after the fourth fully equipped and all grown up spiritually, but you will have a clear path set before you to follow.

Sometimes people go to a church and really don’t know how to connect.

They’re not sure where the entry point is, so they don’t take root. So they end up meandering through their church experience. At first they go to Sunday morning worship services fairly regular, but they don’t know anyone, and no one knows them. So they decide they’ll attend a special event hoping to feel closer, but they never bond with anyone and go home as disconnected as ever. Eventually they lose interest and drift away. The worst part is they don’t grow and the church doesn’t grow. Both miss out on God’s best.

We don’t want that to be your experience. We encourage you, to find a friend and find a job. If you do that you’ll find God, authentic relationships in the Body of Christ and a purpose to serve, which causes your relationship with God to go to a new level. That’s what the Growth Track is all about.

Each step of the Growth Track is a one-hour class and together they make up our membership process: FOLLOW, CONNECT,  DISCOVER and IMPACT. So if you’re interested in becoming a member, hop in the Growth Track and finish all four steps. For us, membership is so much more than just adding your name to the roster. It’s about aligning your gifts with ministry, connecting in meaningful relationships and to the vision of the church.

Each step is focused on making sure you know the steps you need to take to live the life God wants for you.

The Four Steps of the Growth Track

  1. FOLLOW, offered the first Sunday night of each month at Lakeview, will answer the question, “What does it mean to be a true follower of Jesus Christ?” You’ll find out what that actually looks like.
  1. CONNECT shows you how you can connect with Lakeview Church. It identifies the entry point for you. CONNECT is offered the second Sunday night of every month.
  1. DISCOVER helps you realize what your spiritual gifts are and what God created you to do in the church and in the world. DISCOVER is every third Sunday night of the month.
  1. IMPACT answers the question, “Where can I plug in and make an impact?” and it’s offered the fourth Sunday night of every month. On IMPACT night leaders of various ministries will be present to talk with you about finding a specific place of ministry so you can utilize your spiritual gifts.

We believe the launch of the Growth Track is so important that we decided to teach a series about it called “Living The Life God Wants For You”

All of us want that kind of life, one that has meaningful relationships, experiences purpose and spiritual power. It all starts by knowing God.



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Lead Pastor of Lakeview Church in Indianapolis.

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