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Our Spiritual Gifts Are Tied to Our Passions

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Our Spiritual Gifts Are Tied to Our Passions

What makes you tick and what ticks you off?

The things that make us angry are often the passions God has planted in our hearts. Does injustice make you angry? Do you feel pain and a need to retaliate when you see the innocent broken? What about the poverty so many experience on a daily basis—does compassion rise up within you?

Our passions are also found in the things that excite us, things that energize us and light up our hearts.

One night at our Life Group, my wife, Dorene and I were speaking with a lady who was telling us how much she loves to connect with and talk to people. The more she talked the more excited she got! We said, you need to become a greeter on Main Street! She’s a realtor and a good one. God has given her the gift of hospitality, cheerfulness and warmth, and she has turned it into a career. That’s how it works! It’s God-given!

What we have to do as Christ followers is take our spiritual gifts and passions that make us a living and employ them for the Kingdom of God. If your passion is making a great deal of money, then find an outlet in God’s kingdom and fund a great work!

I have a friend who has the Midas touch. He has built thousands of apartments, develop hundreds of massive community wide projects, and made millions over his lifetime. Now retired, I asked him what he does for a hobby. He said, “well I like to go on walks.” Then he took me on a drive and showed me all the houses he has bought in the last three years. I said, “That’s your hobby! It’s buying and selling.” He lit up! He’s been very generous to many causes over his lifetime.

God’s job is to give us a passion. Our job is to discover what it is!




About Ron Bontrager

Lead Pastor of Lakeview Church in Indianapolis.

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