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Stories of Impact—Food Pantry

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Stories of Impact—Food Pantry

“Be careful, then, how you listen; because those who have something will be given more, but whoever has nothing will have taken away from them even the little they think they have.”

Luke 8:18 GW

Pastor Mike led an all-volunteer prayer meeting before heading out to our various work areas during a time of outreach.

As we prayed together the Holy Spirit empowered us to minister to those who would come to receive food. In the Resource Room we were greeted by many who came just have that “special prayer partner” pray with them.

Two reported how God had answered their prayers from the previous visit. We’re always amazed that God knows how to team up the right prayer worker with the right guest—usually one who has a similar need. One woman’s grandson was having seizures. The Holy Spirit selected the very worker who also has a similar need to pray with them. After prayer and in tears, another told us how thankful he was to have Dan pray for him! A few participants are coming to church services now. A greeter told me how exciting it is to see these people who used to be downcast, but are week by week looking more cheerful!

Even though there were fewer volunteers this month, God ALWAYS comes through with all that we need for ministry—WOW! 

~Pastor Mike

Our greatest source of impact is outside the walls of the church. May God light a fire in your soul. May you find your place of impact.


About Ron Bontrager

Lead Pastor of Lakeview Church in Indianapolis.

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