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What’s Your Motivation?

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What’s Your Motivation?

Most of the time it’s our gifts and passions that move us into action. But other times it’s the season of life that energizes and drives us to help others.

In October of 2014, Suzie’s husband, Steve died. It was a very difficult season or her. As she walked through the grieving process, Suzie read a book by Max Lucado entitled, “You’ll Get Through This.”

It occurred to her that this book would help others too. So she went to our website and signed up to lead a Life Group Class, and had more than 20 people join her, so they could connect and grow together.

After the first two weeks she wrote: “I had many hurting people come. One woman lost her fiancé on Thanksgiving Day, and another man lost his wife on Christmas Day. One woman’s husband suffers from PTSD; another had just lost her mother. God is in this! I’m also inviting people outside of the church. I love Lakeview Church and am grateful for the opportunity to connect and serve. Thanks for encouraging me to step out of the boat.”

There are many different ways to express your gifts here at Lakeview:

  • Lead a Life Group.
  • Volunteer in the nursery.
  • Join the children’s ministry team.
  • Serve as a deacon or an elder.
  • Help clean the church weekly – it’s our house; family helps!
  • Join the mowing crew and snow removal team.
  • Commit to vacuuming the carpet.
  • Find a family in need and adopt them.
  • Join the worship team.
  • Be a greeter.
  • Serve as an usher.



About Ron Bontrager

Lead Pastor of Lakeview Church in Indianapolis.

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