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Help Us Find Creative Ways to Engage Your Unique Gifts

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Help Us Find Creative Ways to Engage Your Unique Gifts

The church doesn’t always know how to engage all the gifts among us. Churches can have “gift blindness.” If there’s a Lamborghini’s stored in the church basement, it’s my job to bust down the wall and bring all the gifts out into the daylight. (See earlier post titled, Use Your Energy to Serve the Lord.)

I heard a story about a man who approached his pastor saying he’d like to give a day a week to the church. The pastor said, “That’d be great! We really need someone to clean the toilets.” So the man said, “Fantastic, I’m happy to do it!” And for the next several years he faithful cleaned the toilets every week.

One day, the man died, suddenly. The pastor was asked to do the funeral. Only then did the pastor discover the man had for years been a CEO in a major corporation. He could have been helping the church with long term-planning, their finances, and their vision, but instead, he was cleaning toilets.

It’s in my heart, and in the hearts of our pastors at Lakeview to ENGAGE every member of our church body in gift appropriate, meaningful ministry. I recognize that it’s an “us” problem as much as it is a “you” problem.

So I’m asking you today to help us get better. Help us find creative ways to engage your unique gifts in areas that utilize your calling to its maximum potential.

This is a shift in mindset and thinking for all of us.

We have a plot of ground donated for a garden down on the corner by the Marathon gas station. Pastor Mike needs a person who loves to garden to “own it.” Is that you? Find four or five other people, get with Mike for his plans, sign up and then engage.

If you have the spiritual gift of OCD, engage your gift! Find a couple of other people and adopt the median from here to Rockville. Dream big and get a large team.

We want to open up the gateway to opportunities to utilize and engage the gifts God has given each one of you.

We want to kick the door of opportunity open and, to be honest, we’re not totally sure what that looks like. So you’ll have to help us paint the picture.

Every night at 9:30, I have a verse that pops up on my iPad: “For from day to day men came to David to help him, until there was a great army, like an army of God.”[1]

Are you one of those people? Is God calling you to help us build an army, the army of God?


[1] 1 Chronicles 12:22 GW


About Ron Bontrager

Lead Pastor of Lakeview Church in Indianapolis.

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