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Spirit-Empowered Prayer

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Spirit-Empowered Prayer

Pentecostals would say spirit-empowered prayer is praying in tongues, and it certainly includes that. But keep in mind that Paul said he prayed in his known tongue and his unknown tongue. He prayed Spirit-empowered prayers both ways.

I believe as we seek to be filled with the Spirit, the prayer language will follow and assist us in our prayer life so we can pray both ways.

But the question today is not, have you ever prayed in tongues, but rather, are your prayers Spirit empowered? Do you know the difference?

It’s possible to pray in tongues in a rote manner just the same as praying in our known language in a formal, rote, and dead manner.

Are my prayers spirit empowered?

Craig Keener, a professor at Southern Baptist Eastern Seminar said, “If we could only get Christians past ‘how we’re filled’ to ‘are you filled?’ it would change everything.

  • Are you filled with the Spirit?
  • Is it a regular, normal experience?
  • Are you living a Spirit-filled life?
  • Are you living a Spirit-led life, a life dependent on the Spirit’s power and hungry for more of Him?

If we could move Christians to answering that question, then this broken world will be transformed!

So I say to you today, are you filled with the Holy Spirit? And are you being filled over and over again with the Holy Spirit?


About Ron Bontrager

Lead Pastor of Lakeview Church in Indianapolis.

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