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Ways to Know God’s Will: #3 – Seek Godly Counsel

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Ways to Know God’s Will: #3 – Seek Godly Counsel

There may be times when we can’t seem to get clear direction. Maybe we’re not hearing the Lord or perhaps God hasn’t revealed the answer. At times like that, it helps to seek out another Spirit-led person. God often chooses to speak to us through others.

I firmly believe in godly counsel, both through professional Christian counsellors and through mature Christians. We cannot self-heal. Proverbs 11:14 says, “When no wise guidance is available the people fall, but in a multitude of counselors there is safety.”[1]

God often will send someone with the very piece of advice we need, and they may be completely unaware that their words, in that moment, are exactly what we need to hear.

But one warning about seeking outside counsel. It’s a good thing to do, unless we do it just to get a second opinion. Maybe we’re trying to get out of what God has already said! That’s kind of like a kid going to Dad for a different answer after they’ve received already from Mom. God doesn’t like that any better than moms do!

Godly counsel will always confirm the Word of God, and often confirms what God has spoken to your heart.


[1] AMP


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