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Every Thing Comes from God

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Every Thing Comes from God

In preparation for our tithing series this month, I asked our congregation to share their stories about tithing. I thought I’d share this one in my blog today to encourage you.

I have been tithing ever since I became a Christian in my first year of college. When I got saved, I was taught about tithing—so I began practicing it on my monthly allowance that came from my father. It was not a lot of money—just enough for food and a few small extras. But that year, my dad got a 10% cut in pay, which he promptly passed on to me and my siblings. However, when his income went back up, he refused to put our allowances to the previous level.

I really needed more, but he wouldn’t budge. One day I decided I’d start tithing on what I wanted my allowance to be, rather than on what is was. And would you believe it, the next month my allowance arrived at the increased amount. That pretty much sealed the deal for me. I believe God did it to grow the faith of a poor college student, who was a new believer in Jesus.

The lesson was not about getting more; it was about understanding that my dad was NOT my provider—God was.

That powerful lesson has stayed with me throughout the years, even in times of little or a lot. I have also learned that it’s far more difficult to tithe when you have a lot then when you have a little. I am no longer a poor college student. My husband and I are high income earners.

So the question always comes up, should you tithe on the net or on the gross, before taxes or after taxes? I don’t really know the answer to that question for others, but as for my husband and I, we came to the agreement that you cannot out give God and that God should come before Uncle Sam. So we began tithing on our gross income.

And here’s what we found. Our attitude towards money has dramatically changed. We no longer try to get and keep all we can. We have learned how to be content with less than we earn, and how to be generous with what God has given us. We feel it’s right to tithe because everything we have comes from God and belongs to God!

What’s your story? We love to hear stories, testimonies and praise reports! Please share with us what God has been doing in your life so we can celebrate with you. Please send your story to


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