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Tithing is Worship

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Tithing is Worship

In Genesis 28:10-17, Jacob experienced a deeply spiritual and enlightening moment with God, and in that moment, he promises to tithe all of his life. His next reaction was to worship God.

Tithing and worship are inexorably tied together—they are one. Early the next morning Jacob took the stone he had put under his head. He set it up as a marker and poured olive oil on top of it. He named that place Bethel [House of God]. Previously, the name of the city was Luz. Then Jacob made a vow: “If God will be with me and will watch over me on my trip and give me food to eat and clothes to wear. 22 This stone that I have set up as a marker will be the house of God, and I will surely give you a tenth of everything you give me.[1]

The marker is an altar of worship. Notice the oil.

The oil represents the very presence of God.

Remember when God saved Lot. Abraham not only felt an immediate compulsion to tithe, but he and Melchizedek broke out the bread and wine. They felt a strong urge to worship God.

This happened 1700 years before The Lord’s Table, but I think it perfectly represented what was to come. Jesus said, “Do this IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME,” never forget. Never lose a sense of awe and gratitude!

This is now a new Jacob! He’s a changed man! Jacob no longer looks to God to just provide his needs. He sees himself as a partner with God; “God and I are in this together.” He no longer looks out only for what he gets. He now is motivated by what he can give, and it is from his heart, from a place of worship.

And that’s exactly what God wants for us. He wants to change us. I have never known a:

  • generous tither who wasn’t excited about helping the church remain strong in its mission.
  • person who tithed consistently to suddenly quit for no reason.
  • tither who was not generally happy.
  • person who was critical of most things, upset about many things, who was a consistent, joyful tither.
  • tither who feels the church talks too much about money, but I’ve known many who truly enjoy talking about tithing.

When it comes to tithing it’s really all about the heart. It’s about the WHY. Why do I tithe? It’s about the WHAT. What is my true motivation?


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[1] Genesis 28:18, 22 GW


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