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Recognizing Idols in Your Life

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Recognizing Idols in Your Life

Whatever keeps you up at night could be the answer to uncovering your idols. Are you obsessively worrying about your job? Ask yourself why.

Whatever ignites your wrath can be a good indication that something has become too important to you. The most common source anger is the lack of control or power over others.

Where is your sanctuary? At the end of the day, where do you run to when you’re stressed?

Psalms 62:5-7 says, Wait calmly for God alone, my soul, because my hope comes from him. He alone is my rock and my savior—my stronghold. I cannot be shaken. My salvation and my glory depend on God. God is the rock of my strength, my refuge.[1]

Common sanctuaries include:

  • Refrigerator – comfort food
  • Internet/Social media
  • Video games
  • Pornography

What are your dreams? The things you compulsively dream about can reveal the true motivations of your heart.

Kyle Idleman, author of God’s at War says, “Idolatry isn’t just one of many sins; rather it’s the one great sin that all others come from. So if you start digging down on whatever struggle you’re dealing with, eventually you’ll find that underneath it is a false god. Until that god is dethroned, until the Lord God takes his rightful place, you will never get victory over it. Idolatry isn’t AN issue; it is the ONLY issue.”


Listen online to the complete message at

[1] GW


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Lead Pastor of Lakeview Church in Indianapolis.

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