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Ministry—Another Antidote to Fear

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Ministry—Another Antidote to Fear


There’s a strange phenomenon I’ve learned over many years of ministry. Whenever my own heart is breaking it actually helps me climb into the pulpit and preach the eternal Word of God.

When I operate in my spiritual gifts, it keeps me strong, focused and moving forward.

But if I give in to my pain and fear, and become inwardly focused, I’m strongly tempted to lay aside the call of God, and that’s exactly when I begin to cave in.

Paul gave Timothy that very same insight. He told him to exercise his ministry calling. That would be the key to defeating his fear. “You received a gift from God when I placed my hands on you to ordain you. Now I’m reminding you to fan that gift into flames.”[1]

There is a time to rest. There is a time to enter into a sabbatical season and lay aside our responsibilities. But if we have pulled back out of pain, out of our fear of people, we are vulnerable to permanent failure.

According to Eli Lilly Sabbatical Grant rules – you cannot be in a bad place mentally or spiritually. You’ll only get worse!

You cannot neglect the gift that’s within you! Find your place of ministry. Pour out on others. You’ll be amazed at how therapeutic it is!


[1] 2 Timothy 1:6 GW


About Ron Bontrager

Lead Pastor of Lakeview Church in Indianapolis.

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  1. Amen Pastor Ron!

    You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.
    Isaiah 26:3

    Peace, love & Blessings ❤

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