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The Power of Sadness

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The Power of Sadness

As we continue our blog series on emotions based on the movie INSIDE OUT, I loved the way the movie showed the power of sadness. Sadness is inevitable; it’s powerful, but it’s also purposeful. The same sadness that can destroy our life can also rebuild it.

Riley, the main character of the movie, was sad because her family had just moved from Minnesota to San Francisco, and she missed her friends and her life “back home” as she called it. I thought the movie was so amazing because it showed how Riley’s interior world began to fall apart. It was fascinating to watch as major parts of her heart and emotions began to shut down.

Sadness is a powerful emotion that if not handled right, it can destroy us.

Here are 3 things that I’ve learned about sadness.

  • Sadness can become sin.
  • It’s a necessary emotion.
  • Sadness is birthed through disappointment.

In the next few blogs we’re going to explore each of these.

But there is hope. God has a way of taking the very things that make us sad and using them to move us into a new realm of spiritual strength and power.



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