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Living the Jesus Perspective—Provision

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Living the Jesus Perspective—Provision


In the last few blogs, we’ve been talking about living the Jesus Perspective. Are you? Do you think like Jesus thinks? You might say, “How can I know?”

The Lord’s model prayer actually shows us the things that are most important to God. Jesus gave us a window into how God thinks! And I will tell you, God thinks about things that actually matter. God said, “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts, and my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.”[1]

I know how I think. If I’m not intentional, I will spend most of my time thinking about are things that won’t matter ten years from now, and sometimes even ten minutes from now.

Why is that? Because my thoughts are temporal. They’re “now” focused. They’re “me” focused.

God’s thoughts are so much bigger, so much better than my thoughts. His thoughts are not wasted thoughts. They’re not trivial nor temporal, but they’re important and eternal.

If we can tap into God’s thoughts and focus our thoughts on the perspective of Jesus, our lives will be so much better.

The Lord’s model prayer gives us is insight into the six most important thoughts of God:

  • Praise is important: “Hallowed be thy name.”
  • Purpose is critical: “Thy kingdom come Thy will be done.”
  • Provision is available: “Give us this day our daily bread.”
  • Pardon is possible: “Forgive us our debts.”
  • Protection is vital: “Deliver us from evil.”
  • Perspective is powerful: “Thine is the kingdom, power, glory.”[2]

Over the next few blog posts, we’ll explore God’s provision: “Give us this day our daily bread.” He is a giving God. He is a daily God. And He’s a God of the basics.

Listen to the entire message on Lakeview’s podcast.


[1] Isaiah 55:8 NLT

[2] Matthew 6:9-13


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Lead Pastor of Lakeview Church in Indianapolis.

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