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Protection: Growing in Strength

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Protection:  Growing in Strength

The day of evil may also be a season of high temptation. When we are tempted we always think we’re weak. We are weak, but God uses our weakness along with Satan’s temptations to strengthen us.

Jesus said, “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.”[1]

What did He mean by that? Be very aware of your weakness. Know the point of your temptation. And then pray: “God keep me from my own weaknesses and deliver me from the temptation of the evil one.”

The Apostle Peter knew all about temptation, failure, and restoration. In his letter in First Peter he said, “Be on your guard. Your enemy the devil is like a roaring lion. He prowls around looking for someone to chew up and swallow. Stand up to him. Stand firm in what you believe. You know that all over the world your brothers and sisters are going through the very same kind of suffering.”[2]

Peter normalized the battle. Our battles are not unusual.

How do we stand up to the devil and stand firm in what we believe?

The Apostle Paul wrote a user manual for spiritual warfare in Ephesians 6. He makes it so clear it ought to be a small book that comes in a yellow binder and entitled “Spiritual Warfare for Dummies!”

“Finally, receive your power from the Lord and from his mighty strength.”[3] The best safeguard against evil is to lean into God’s power and never attempt to win the battle in our own strength!

“Put on all the armor that God supplies.”[4]

The key word in that sentence is the word ALL. God has given us very powerful weapons to fight our spiritual battles with, but we must be careful to not leave out a single one. The rest of that verse says, In this way you can take a stand against the devil’s strategies.”[5]

Listen to the complete message here. 


[1] Matthew 6:13 KJV

[2] 1 Peter 5:8-9 NIRV

[3] Ephesians 6:10 GW

[4] Ephesians 6:11a GW

[5] Ephesians 6:11b GW


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