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Love Must Be Communicated

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Love Must Be Communicated

We are continuing our blog series, Christmas through the Eyes of John. This is the second of the three things John says about love that will make all the difference. Love must be authenticated, and love must be communicated.

It’s one thing to have love in our hearts for people, but it’s another thing to communicate our love. What if God loved the world, but He never found a good way to communicate it? What if God just sat on His throne in heaven and felt wave after wave of love for this world, but we didn’t know about it.

It wouldn’t be enough. The giver has to somehow communicate their love, to let the recipient feel it, not just see it.

It’s possible to show up at a food pantry or a soup line and give out food to needy people at Christmas but never communicate love.

Love isn’t just shown by what we do. It’s felt by what comes out of us.

Sometimes children will say to their parents, “Do you love me?” And sometimes parents will respond by saying, “Well don’t we buy you things?” The child is not reaching out for more things. The child is trying to authenticate love. Do my parents really love me?

The best response a parent can give to that question is a big hug and a soft reminder, “Yes my child, I love you!”

It’s possible to do things that LOOK LIKE love without actually communicating love to the people we’re reach out to.

So how did God choose to communicate His love for us?

He said, it’s not enough to just give man things. I must communicate my love in a way that is sensed and felt by them.

So God sent Jesus to earth and said, Touch My Son and you touch Me, hear My Son and you hear Me, (1 John 1:1-3 GW).

And this is the same plan that God has chosen for us. God wants us to communicate His love by touch, by presence, by the tone of our voice and the smile on our face, which comes flows out of agape love.

God put within the heart of mankind the ability to sense the spirit of another person. When someone truly loves with the love of God, it is communicated by more than words or even actions.

I love the story of Tom Cousins. I met him in 1998, at a presentation on community development and impact that asks questions like, “Why are you here? What is it you want from this? What are you really after?”

The same is true of us. Love must be authentic, but it also has to be communicated or it will never be felt.

You can watch the complete message on video or listen to the audio here. 


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