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Open Our Hands to Serve

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Open Our Hands to Serve

The church will grow when we open our hands to serve.

Even if we open our doors and our hearts, if we don’t open our hands and engage our gifts in the church it cannot grow. Our vision is to see Lakeview become a unique place in our city. God is opening the door to reach out to the poor and to immigrants in meaningful ways beyond just providing a temporary fix.

The Westside International Academy is opening within a few weeks. It’ll be a top-notch academy for kids from 6 weeks to 5 years old. We will be teaching multiple languages. We will offer a top curriculum. Most of all, we will be giving them Jesus and touching families, rich and poor.

I’m told we have 10,000 apartment units within a 2-3 mile radius of our church. How many kids come home to an empty apartment? God willing, we are going to launch after school care in 2018.

Our heart to reach our community can only be accomplished if you open your hands to serve!


To listen to the entire message, click here. Watch this service on video here. 

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